Proposal for a system to store and use Synchronized MetaData in Audio Files

To be expanded upon: Here I will write a proposal for a "wrapper" file format, in which different kinds of xml metadata files can be stored along with the original audio file. The atomical (wrapper) file format will be an "bundle"-directory with the .iaaw extension. (Intellistener Annotated Audio Wrapper).

Audio Collection

This annotated audio collection works with the IntellistenerBeta application that can be downloaded from the intellistener website
  • English Audio Demo Collection (55 MB) contains three english spoken audio files. To play them in the IntellistenerBeta application you will also need the
  • Audio Library "playlist" To install this audio and play them in the demo application proceed through the following stpes:
    1. Be sure you match the system requirements: an Apple computer, running at least Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) and having at least 100 MB harddisk space available.
    2. Download the latest beta version (0.73b) from intellistener.com
    3. Run the IntellistenerBeta application for the first time. You'll only see a blank window, but that's ok. Quit the application.
    4. After downloading the Audio Collection from above, extract it and you'll find an "Intellistener" folder containing three .iaaw documents. Move this folder inside your ~/Music folder. (So the path to these .iaaw files will become ~yourName/Music/Intellistener/audiofile_something.iaaw)
    5. Download the Audio Library "playlist" file from above. Extract the .tgz file. Move the resulting IntellistenerLibrary.plist file into the Intellistener Applications Support folder. When you already ran the IntellistenerBeta application once, this folder will be located in ~yourName/Library/Application Support/Intellistener/
    6. Select that you want to Replace the existing file in this location (~yourName/Library/Application Support/Intellistener/IntellistenerLibrary.plist)
    7. Relauch the IntellistenerBeta application to use these files in your audio library.
    8. Use the following commands to play and listen the audio:
      • Apple L : show the Library
      • In the library window: drag the slider and press play
      • arrow up : select the branch above
      • arrow down : select the branch below
      • Apple , : show the Preferences window